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    Thyme Fields

    One of the indispensable elements of Hatay cuisine, zahter is a local thyme type. Thyme, which was collected from the mountains in the past, is now spreading its wonderful fragrance from the fields to everywhere. While wandering in Koz Kalesi Village, one of the most important ecotourism villages of Hatay, you can engrave this fragrance emanating from the fields in your memories, and take products such as dried thyme and canned thyme with you to keep these memories alive when you return home.

    Hatay Cuisine

    Hatay is one of the first places that comes to the mind when gastronomy is mentioned. You will fall in love with this cuisine with its delicious scents that surround you before eating.

    Dörtyol (Çökek) Plateau Recreation Area

    The plateau, which will take you away from the chaos of city life, is covered with pine, juniper and scrub trees and wild flowers, and is intertwined with the forest, and it will refresh you with its clean air.

    The fresh air of Harbiye

    You can close your eyes and imagine Apollon's love for Daphne while you breathe in the clean air of Harbiye on your stroll amongst the flowing waterfalls and laurel trees.

    Laurel Soap

    Laurel oil (Oleum Lauri) obtained from the fruits (Fructus Lauri) and leaves of the laurel tree is also used in soap production. Used in the treatment of various diseases, laurel oil and leaves have been exported to foreign countries in recent years. This oil is extracted by the villagers and soap is produced. It is known that soap has been produced in stone cauldrons in Antakya for at least 150 years. One of the places where it is commonly made is Harbiye. Soap, which has a history beyond the Romans, is generally made of laurel and olive oil in Antakya.

    The hülasa rooms in Hatay Tıbbi ve Aromatik Bitkiler Müzesi (Hatay Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Museum)

    More than 2000 plant species have been discovered in Hatay and most of them have been found to be medicinal and aromatic plants.

    In order to introduce these medicinal and aromatic plants discovered in Hatay, an old Antakya house with 2 floors built in the 19th century was restored in 2012 and Türkiye's first medicinal and aromatic plants museum was opened to visitors. When you enter inside the rooms on the lower floor of the museum, you can get information about the oils of the plants in the hülasa rooms that welcome you with a very pleasant odor.

    Orange Blossom

    Vakıflı Village, Türkiye's only Armenian village, influences visitors with the smell of orange blossom.