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  • 48 hours

    in Hatay

    First Day

    You can start the day with a breakfast rich with jams made of walnuts and citrus fruits, breakfast appetizers, various cheeses unique to Hatay, delicious olives and olive oil that finds its place on every plate and with your hot tea at Harbiye Waterfalls. After your breakfast, sip your Turkish coffee while strolling around the old Antakya houses and streets that smell of history. After visiting the Archaeological Museum to see the world's second largest mosaic collection and of course the Suppiluliuma statue, you can get the energy you need to buy souvenirs for your loved ones in Uzun Çarşı by eating künefe. You can visit the Ulu Mosque and Aziz Paul Church on the same day in Hatay, where three great religions live in tolerance and which has been selected as the City of Peace by UNESCO. You can relax opposite Asi River. It would be a good idea to enjoy the long beach in Arsuz after dining on Belen Tava in Belen, where you will breathe the fresh air of the Amanos Mountains. If you are lucky, you may come across a concert by the Antakya Medeniyetler Korosu (Choir of Civilizations) and end your day with a musical feast that will touch your soul.

    Second Day

    You can continue exploring Hatay after the rich Hatay breakfast, which you cannot forget and that provides you with plenty of energy. After visiting Habib-i Neccar, the first mosque in Anatolia, and the first church in the world, St. Pierre Church, if you want to see the Haron (Cehenem Kayıkçısı- Hell Boatman) up close, be sure to wear shoes suitable for climbing. After your visit to the medicinal and aromatic plants museum, you can enjoy Haytalı in Hatay Kurtuluş Caddesi to brighten your day. You can have a pleasant time on the Samandağ Trekking Trail on your journey to Samandağ to visit Titus Vespasianus Tunnel, (Rock Tombs and Beşikli Cave. We are sure that after enjoying your dinner in Vakıflı Village, Türkiye's only Armenian village, while you are sipping water that is rumored to have powers of immortality with your coffee in Hıdırlı Village where the Moses tree that is believed to have emerged when Moses hit the ground with his staff, you will think that you cannot get enough of Hatay and will want to stay longer.