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  • Hatay GoTürkiye

    Mosaics add an aura of great value to a center where different faiths meet in harmony with a culinary art worth exploring. The cultural diversity here adds more and more to the colorfulness of this region.



    The tunnel, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2014, was started to be built in 69 AD by the order of the Roman Emperor Vespasian against life-threatening floods and high-water.



    Basketry is a knitting and handicraft made by making use of thin shoots of trees and non-lignified stems of plants. In Hatay, where cereals such as wheat, barley, rye and oats are grown, the stems of these plants are used in vegetal knitting.



    Hatay is a city which has hosted 13 of the 23 civilizations established in the world, where Turks, Arabs, Armenians, Circassians, Christians, Muslims and Jews lived together for centuries and where cultures collated and civilization was born.



    One of the indispensable elements of Hatay cuisine, zahter is a local thyme type. Thyme, which was collected from the mountains in the past, is now spreading its wonderful fragrance from the fields to everywhere.



    When you lend your ear to Hatay, you can hear its natural beauties, religious elements and cultural richness.



    With its glorious past that has hosted different religions throughout its history, Hatay will give you the experience of your life with its streets echoing azan, bells and hazzan together.

    10 vibes for Hatay

    like locals

    When you visit Hatay, one of the things you want to envision in your dreams is "What would I do if I lived in Hatay".

    48 hours

    in Hatay

    You can start the day with a breakfast rich with jams made of walnuts and citrus fruits, breakfast appetizers, various cheeses unique to Hatay, delicious olives and olive oil that finds its place on every plate and with your hot tea at Harbiye Waterfalls.